Monday, 15 March 2010

Style Society

Yesterday, classy cocktail bar 'Orange Rooms', held, for the first time, a 'Style Society'; an event where the citiest most stylish come together to hold a show entailing collections of vintage clothing; including a stall set up courtesy of Hepwrights Vintage, old school records, several live bands (such as the beautifully soft
and soulful voice of Kelly Mordecai) , 2 catwalks and a photography booth. And why you may ask? All in the name of charity! The night was constructed by Sarah-Leigh, managing editor of, in order to help raise money for Oxfam. All donations and entrance fees went towards building classrooms and paying for teachers to help children in the poorer countries; those that cannot afford education.

I was invited and decided to go along with a couple of my friends from uni; more than a great excuse to escape my ever growing pile of unfinished (if im honest, most un-started) course work gathering on my desk. It was so nice to relax and have a drink listening to the live music and just soak up the buzzing atmosphere, knowing everyone there shared the same deep  interest in clothes that i did. I just felt so at home. 

Unfortunately for me however, whilst milling around, a couple of gorgeous vintage pieces caught my attention. I say 'unfortunately' for the simple  reason that due to the fact i'm your typical student and have a scarce amount of disposable income, i had to dry my eyes and leave them behind! But i have to admit, that was the only down point in the night, i strongly hope Southampton decide to pull together and host an event similar to this one in the near future, and perhaps net time i can be a part of the process.

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