Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fashion Phenomenon

Ever since my first purchase of 'Pop' magazine last year, i have become obsessed with watching the progression of 13 year Old blogger Tavi Gevinson from suburban Chicago, otherwise known as "Style Rookie". Her fashion blog attracts half a million hits monthly and she is taken so very seriously by the industry itself,  that she even earned front row seats at all the biggest shows during New York Fashion Week, where editors and celebrities could be seen respectfully watching over her shoulder. Her own ‘Style Rookie’ blog was created in 2008 when Tavi was just 11 years of age. Her writing illustrates such a strong understanding of fashion that it was initially assumed to be a fake created by experienced fashion insiders. It has a professional feel and features deep analysis of various magazines and photographs of her quirky daily outfits. Indeed, it appears Tavi Gevinson is beginning to emerge as quite a phenomenon. 
Her very first experience of paid journalism was for Pop’s website, giving her thoughts and opinions on New York Fashion Week.
 "For one week I was in a utopia full of people who can recognise that my jacket is Luella and appreciate that I stuck an upside-down doll in its chest pocket," she wrote. 

I guess this proves life is all about luck and having a keen passion for it. Tavi has become an inspiration to me, showing me that anything i possible when you really set your mind to it. When you get your head out the clouds.

So watch this space!

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