Monday, 15 March 2010

Bit of a style icon shall we say

Alexa Chung is my current style inspiration, so to speak. She never fails to amaze me; being the one person that i truely believe fails to get it wrong...well, in my eyes. Head to toe, Alexa pulls off that 'effortless chic' that we all spend hours preparing for, yet so rarely succeed in getting right. She is constantly seen scribbling notes in the front row of many a collection launch; something i feel is very much reflected in her daily attire. Consistently bang on trend, her face seems to become more and more famous with each passing season. 

Alexa Chung came to fame after being spotted by a modelling agency at Reading Festival several years ago. I envy the girl for this, in that after having spent a week unwashed, drunk, and raving in a muddy field, Chung still managed to pick up a modelling contract along the way! Jealous? Me? Nooo....

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