Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sometimes it does you good to take a step back

Life is all about learning… I’ve learnt that just because you would never do something to someone doesn’t mean they won’t do it to you. Ive learnt that no one remembers a great night in, but you always remember a great night out. Ive learnt that its impossible to change yourself, so don’t even start trying to change other people… listen to them, explain to them, and if they still don’t get it, move on. Ive learnt that anger only eats you up, but Ive learnt to stop giving people so many chances. Ive learnt that the line between love and hate is ice thin. Ive learnt to never expect a thank-you. I've learnt that people will never know what goes on behind closed doors, so tolerate their ignorance. Ive learnt that its possible to be deeply in love and not even realise it and that being cautious doesn’t always prevent pain but can cause it. Ive learnt that love makes fools of us all. Ive learnt that Disney was wrong, romance isn’t easy but akuna mat-atta is a wonderful phrase! Ive learnt that guys will respect you if they think you respect yourself. Ive learnt that if people say they hate cheesy pop music they're lying. Ive learnt that friendships can be platonic, but girlfriends will still be weary of you. Ive learnt life is very rarely fair. Ive learnt that often you fight with the people most similar to yourself. Ive learnt to never feel guilty about eating a full bar of family dairy milk but Ive learnt to not buy dairy milk too often for fear that’ll happen! Ive learnt that I sometimes place friends too highly and many will come tumbling down, but others will exceed expectations. Ive learnt that making someone else smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. Things change and everything will one day end, and Ive learnt to try and stop fighting that. Ive learnt that so many people take for granted what they have…and Ive tried so hard to never do that. Ive learnt that if people look at you like your an idiot, carry on being an idiot, because the people most concerned with being cool are the most insecure. Ive learnt that if a guys nasty to you, he probably likes you. Ive learnt that just because everyone else does it doesnt mean its right for you. Ive learnt how to overcome the bitchiness of others, and Ive learnt the route cause is jealousy or their own unhappiness. Ive learnt that without rain there would never be rainbows. Ive also learnt that no matter how much you plan, dream or wish, life has its own plans and Ive learnt that I still have a lot to learn....

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